In the summer season will the area Horni Misecky satisfy not only tourists seeking easy, relaxing paths with low elevation, but there are also plenty of hiking trails for moderately experienced to hardy hikers. Thanks to the location in the middle of Giant Mountain are Horni Misecky an unique starting point for many hiking and bike routes on ridges of the Giant Mountains.

The educational trail goes to the spring of Labe river (Elbe) which is located 6 km from Horni Misecky. It continues to Snezna jama, main ridge trail of the Czech-Polish friendship, to Lucni bouda (Lucni chalet) and Snezka (Snow Mountain). The village Spindleruv Mlyn is 3,5 km walk from Horni Misecky. The bikers are attracted by variety of bike routes (for example for common traffic closed route to Vrbatova bouda (Vrbatova chalet) continuing to Labska bouda (Labska chalet). There are plenty of well maintained bike routes and paths.

For bike transport to farther locations can be utilized the Giant Mountains Cyclo-Buses as well as the chair lift Medvedin and Sv. Petr with summer operation daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with the possibility of bike transport.

Zlate navrsi with Vratova bouda (Vrbatova chalet) can be reached in summer by regular bus transport. The bus stop is situated right by our apartments.

Fans of mushrooming find a real paradise here – diversity of mountain nature ensures ideal conditions for picking forest fruits (mushrooms, bilberries, raspberries etc.)

Thanks their location offer the apartments not only fascinating view to the surrounding massive mountain ridges but also lovely view to the picturesque valley of Giant Mountains.

Bike routers

Tips for trips

 Marked hiking trails lead you to well known places as Spindleruv Mlyn aprox. 4 km distant (summer bob sleigh trace, AQUA park, squash, minigolf, tennis and plenty of other activities) continuing to Zlate navrsi and to Dvoracky. The shortest route to the spring of Elbe leads just from our place. You can enjoy the breath-taking vista of Zlate navrsi through the ridges to Snezka (Snow Mountain) and of Cesky raj (Bohemian Paradise).

 In the summer time you can reach Zlate navrsi and Vrbatova chalet by regular bus connection (goes every 20 minutes both directions).

Further interesting tourist tips:
 •  Jilemnice
    Jilemnice town called „The Gate to the Western Giant Mountains“
    Castle – extensive Museum of Giant Mountains (mechanical Christmas Crib from Jachym Metelka)

 • Vrchlabi
    Castle – the dominant of the town
    Castle Park – set up in conjuction with the castle. Hanging timber bridge leads from the castle park to the castle     crypt.
    Castle crypt – gothic revival style, altar with pieta.
    Monastery of Augustian – baroque architecture with elements of classicism.
    Church of Saint Vavrinec – stands on place of gothic church built in 14th century.

 • Nova Paka
    Suchardas House – museum with expositions dedicated to history, art, etnography, Christmas cribs. In front of     Suchardas House is situated the Jewellery of gem stones where can be admired not only the beauty of gem     stones, but where the visitors can also get in touch with spiritism of Giant Mountains.

 • Pecka Castle
    Pecka Castle is the most significant monument of village Pecka. It was established in 14th century on place of     original fortress. It was rebuild in gothic style and extended of renaissance palace. In the castle premises (in the     are situated expositions dedicated to the village history, castle history, ethnography, capital crimes (torture     chamber) and justice.