The client has a right to cancel the reservation at any time prior to beginning of the stay. The client has to inform about the termination of contract in written form or over the phone. If the client was issued a voucher for the ordered stay, the client has to pay cancellation fees. When cancelling the binding reservation prior to the first day of the stay (the date stated on the voucher):

a) 40+ days: 200 CZK per person
b) 39 to 30 days 15% however minimum of 200 CZK per person
c) 29 to 22 days 30% from the full price
d) 21 to 15 days 60% from the full price
e) 14 to 8 days 75% from the full price
f) 7 to 3 days 85% from the full price
g) 2 days and less 100% from the priorly appraised value.

When determining the number of days for calculating of the cancellation fees, the day when the cancellation of the stay takes effect is taken into account. The day the stay started is not taken into account. The quartermaster has the right to deduct the cancellation fees from the advance payment or from the paid price for the stay.